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What do I say?

Hi, I'm Willow

My brother turns 40 next month and his birthday present will be a total penectomy.

We don’t know the stage of his cancer yet, but there are some frightening issues and we’re praying for stage 2 and no further.

What do I say?

I am a 2 year Breast cancer survivor = stage 1. i’ve done radiation (which landed me in hospital with pneumonia) but not chemo. My treatment was a walk in the park compared to his.

I understand some of what he’s going through, but how can I ever make him feel that he is not alone in this journey…how can I adequately support him without downplaying the life change he’s going to experience or falling apart each time we’re together.

Is there anyone out there in this age range who has had this experience who can shed some light on how best to support him?

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  • Wed Aug 18, 2010

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