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Recommendation Managing Your Career with a Health Diagnosis

When presented with a health diagnosis, you may have several questions regarding the impact it could have on your career. Common concerns include -

  • How can I maximize my health benefits during treatment?
  • What information should I share with my employer and coworkers?
  • Are there alterations I should make in my work environment and my interactions?

Cancer and Careers is an organization that addresses the concerns mentioned above and many more. Access their site to learn about your rights and how to manage the challenges of employment when confronted with a health diagnosis.

My Journey is coming to an End

Thanks for sharing this….Just this past week I began to open up more to more associates at my job. I got my hair cut first, everyone at work LOVES it. As they have talked to me about my hair I have let some know about my condition. Over the next couple of weeks I will let more and more know. Course at my job once you tell one the word gets around. I really had a good week at work this week.

  • Sat Jun 9, 2012