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Recommendation Diagnostic Tests and Procedures

Any patient undergoing the testing period to determine a medical diagnosis will experience some level of anxiety. A general awareness of the varying tests and procedures may help to reduce some of the stress by knowing what to anticipate. Cancer.Net provides an overview of the most commonly used methods, including biopsies, imaging, endoscopic, and laboratory tests.
Hi, I'm Trish GM

Anxiety is “there” even though I “try” to be strong and positive even though prognosis “looks good”. Anticipating, radiation which begins in a couple weeks, after I “heal” more, does cause unknown side effects etc and facing the “unknown” is difficult. My lumpectomy was three weeks ago and find myself feeling “better” daily. Returned to my accupuncturist/Chinese doc; after sessions to help the arm circulation and has lessened the “healing” pain. My body is feeling better; it’s the mind that hasn’t “caught up”.

Going to research the possible “Canadian boost”?

  • Thu Apr 26, 2012
Hi, I'm Marvin H.

Sure understand the mind not “caught up”, I am getting the at a slow pace.

  • Sat Apr 28, 2012
Hi, I'm Andreah

Of course you’re scared and full of anxiety. Every test and anticipation of new treatment can do that to you. My blog at deals with some of these issues and I’ll be posting soon on radiation. Don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt to have radiation. It’s only the skin effects that are bothersome.

  • Sun Apr 29, 2012

I sure do understand the anxiety! It is getting better most days though finally. There are still some days when I can’t control my mind from the “what if”. I’m finished with my mastectomy, 16 months of chemo and reconstruction and first follow up labs. Doing good so far. Just like you say, the mind seems to be the slowest to heal!!

  • Sat May 5, 2012